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Partners & Friends

Manistee River Salmon Guide Service provides customers with the best fishing equipment / tackle in order to further ensure your success while fishing in Michigan. Below is a list of our partners, and the companies for which we have VIP or Professional Staff status. Our partnerships give our customers access to the most current technology and equipment.

Under Armour


Under Armour
Under Armour is an industry leader in sporting apparel that Sport Fish Michigan is proud to be teamed up with. Under Armour pushes the boundaries of what outdoor and everyday clothing can be. With innovative technologies perfect for every day use as well as many different sports, Under Armour produces a superior quality product that has grown into a household name. Sport Fish Michigan Captains & Guides love our UA apparel throughout the 4 seasons that we guide and fish in.




Rapala represents a brand that is much broader than the iconic lure company that it is known for. With other industry leading companies under the Rapala brand name in addition to its own Rapala brand, this is a company that has set the bar in terms of 4 season lure and fishing opportunities. Sport Fish Michigan is excited to be a partner with Rapala and its associated brands, whether it is lures, terminal tackle, clothing, industry-leading electronics or ice augers to name a few.


Simms Fishing
Simms Fishing
Much of our salmon and steelhead fishing is done when the weather isn’t perfect. What this means is that we need gear to protect us from the elements. Simms Fishing Products do just this. Keeping us comfortably dry, I know that I can rely on my Simms jackets, bibs, and other gear-no matter the conditions. Whether its rain gear or cold weather gear, Simms has our needs covered. When the weather is crummy, I’m thankful I have my Simms gear!


Hatch Outdoors
Hatch Outdoors
Fishing for king salmon and huge steelhead requires a quality of gear that many other companies fall short in achieving. Hatch Outdoors makes fly reels that can stand up to the abuse that ANY salmon or steelhead can dish out, without question. Not only do the Hatch reels look sweet, they out-perform other reels with their ultra-smooth, sealed drag. Confidence is really important on the water, and I have all of the confidence in the world that my Hatch reels are going to hold up to a busy guide schedule.

Sage Fly Fish
When fly fishing for salmon and steelhead on the Manistee River, there is no room for equipment failure. My Manistee River Salmon guide customers count on top-notch equipment to help them land what could be their fish of a lifetime, or the next record fish. And I can count on Sage fly rods to perform above and beyond my demanding expectations. No matter the fly technique, Sage builds a rod suited to the task. Easy to cast, and built to last, I know that Sage is the perfect rod company for my customers.


Yeti Coolers
Yeti Coolers play a big role for us with Manistee River Salmon Guide Service. Not only do they keep our lunches and drinks cold and secure on the water, they help to keep our customers’ catch cold throughout a guide day. Built to take the daily abuse that we put them through, our Yeti coolers haven’t let us down yet, and we doubt that they ever will! With such a superior construction, we not only know that these coolers will keep things cold on the inside, we know that we can sit or stand on the coolers, gaining precious inches when trying to reach a far away fish.

I can’t imagine fishing for salmon and steelhead without a Shimano reel in my hand. When using spinning or baitcasting gear for these big, punishing fish, there is no other reel that will stand up to the torture that these reels may face. Although well maintained, I still know that I can rely on the smooth operation and crank down drag that these outstanding reels provide.

Humminbird sonar units are, in my opinion, the best option out there for the best in quality of product, ease of use, and versatility and of course, features. With a wide range of sonar units to fit almost any budget, the features are outstanding for one, but they are incredibly simple to use for another. Simple to use is key, especially when on the water as much as I am. I don’t have time to scroll through endless menus and a maze of features, wasting my customer’s valuable time. Intuitively laid-out, I truly rely on my Humminbird graphs to help keep me on track with my maps, get me back to a particular spot with the GPS, and to reliably tell me what the bottom contour is. In all, I have a big range of Humminbird products on my charter/guide boats and in my ice shanties. I get a lot of customers asking about how units work, or how to interpret what they see on their own units, or even which units I think might be a good fit for them. I have used other brands in the past, but I think that Humminbird makes the best product available for the recreational angler as well as the tournament pro or professional guide.

Minn Kota
Minn Kota is a staple of Traverse City Bass and Sport Fish Michigan. Trolling motors are a must-have item on my bass boat, as well as my open-style boat. I use two different styles of motor, but I consider both to be an essential tool for the boat. On my bass boat, I use the new 112 pound thrust Fortrexx. This beefy trolling motor can easily stand up to a long windy day on Grand Traverse Bay where I guide my smallmouth bass customers. The Bays have a lot of current in them, and I always position my boat to go right into the wind or into the current, which means that I need something strong and reliable. My Fortrexx delivers every single day, which is what I and my guide customers count on. For my open-style boat, I use the new iPilot link on my 112 pound thrust Terrova. This is the ultimate trolling motor for holding in the rivers or staying on a GPS coordinate when we are out vertical jigging on Lake Michigan. The iPilot link allows me to attend to my customer’s needs without worrying about running the trolling motor. I can do that with the iPilot remote from anywhere in the boat. And with plenty of power to spare, the Terrova can keep my 20 foot boat in one spot on the river, or in one spot on Lake Michigan-even in big waves. Truly well-built, Minn Kota trolling motors are the best option when it comes to trolling motors.


Rio Products
Rio makes a lot of specialty fly lines that we use for specific techniques when fishing with Manistee River Salmon Guide Service. Everything from streamer lines to nymph lines, Rio has a line that’s right for the job.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
High quality sunglasses are a must when fishing, and high quality polarized lenses are crucial to a successful day on the water. Not only for protecting eyes from stray hooks, but for seeing key details in the water. I rely on Costa sunglasses to see these details so that I can help guide my customers to a successful day on the water.

Trout Unlimited
Trout Unlimited got its start in Michigan. And Trout Unlimited is a fantastic organization dedicated to freshwater habitat preservation, and protecting our precious resources. Not only do we support them, but Trout Unlimited supports us!

Lamiglas rods provide unparalleled performance on the water when casting to salmon and steelhead. It doesn’t matter if we’re casting plugs to salmon, or floating spawn or backbouncing for steelhead, Lamiglas makes a technique specific rod just for the job. A true pleasure to fish, they also stand up to the power and abuse these chrome beauties dish out. I’m extremely proud that I can put a Lamiglas rod into each customer’s hands when they book a trip with us at Manistee River Salmon Guide Service.